The goal of Gomi Construction, as envisioned by Lael Alon, a Graphic Artist and consummate dabbler, is to lovingly create while honoring the commitment to reducing waste, increase ingenuity, and providing irreverent and uplifting messages.

(Because I enjoy it, and because you’re worth it!)

Gomi Construction is proud to announce : design downloads and DIY HOw-to tutorials for your own crafting inspiration and pleasure are now available for 
INSTANT DOWNLOAD at our Etsy Shop… check it out!

We are currently between retail locations and so all our designer products for you and your home are either patiently waiting upon our studio shelves or within our visual cortex! Sign up for our blog to stay up to date on all happenings, and go ahead and contact us if you can’t wait!






We offer hand-carved block print apparel & accessories, whimsical jewelry, inspiring digital prints, inventive home decor, tutorial e-books, and other practical and decorative arts.

We need your support through comments, shares, likes, and purchases in order to keep up the momentum! Have questions? Want to place a custom order, or contribute to our blog, please drop an email to GomiConstruction@gmail.com!



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