Crafty DIY cork boards

While cleaning the studio, I’ve come across many materials I’ve saved over the years, sure that they had a great purpose, but never put them to use. Shame. So, since the rainy weather has forced me to focus and keep my hands busy inside, I started some projects. And you can do this one yourself… Sweet cork board.

A ziplock gallon bag full of wine corks, and some extra embroidery hoops become easy and stylishly decorative places to leave lovely notes or pin inspirations. Here’s how you can make one yourself…

1. This is the best step… drink lots of wine! Or better yet, have a party! yay!

2. Find an embroidery hoop, and use just the portion with the tightening screw. Place on your table.

3. Place your corks face down (for a flatter finished product) inside of the hoop. I prefer to use the wine stained side for additional visual texture, but it is totally up to your creative discretion. You could paint the ends of the corks for a brighter and livelier final look.

4. Once you’ve stuffed in as many corks as will fit, simply lift the hoop half way up the corks, and tighten. I suggest using a pair of plier to the ultimate tight fit that won’t shred your fingers.

5. Inevitably, a few of the corks will be loose, especially the middle one. A little glue will hold these in place. You can glue all of them together for a more durable cork board, but personally I don’t find it necessary.

6. Now, simply tie a ribbon or string in a long loop around the tightening screw and finish with a bow, if you like.

7. Hang and display, and smile because you’ve just made something beautiful and functional!

Happy crafting!

♡ Lael


4 thoughts on “Crafty DIY cork boards

    • Carl, that’s a fabulous idea. I dig the suggestion very much! Thanks bunches for your input! I’m sure that’ll help make this project more accessible to even more folks! 🙂

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