RE-Fashioned Wardrobe: Looking snazzy on a budget!

These tough economical times have hit many of us hard, myself included. But that doesn’t mean that we have to look as poor as we feel. You gotta feel good to think positive, no? So I’m tackling my long neglected wardrobe, and getting ready to remove, repair, and alter as many pieces into things I WILL ACTUALLY WEAR.

Step 1: Go through the closet and pull out anything that doesn’t fit right anymore, doesn’t completely flatter you, or you just don’t wear for any reason. I’ve completed this step and was surprised to find that over 2/3 of my closet is laying on my chaise (made by my hubby) awaiting new life.

A nice tip, if you don’t want to do all of this at once, is to spin your hangars around, and as you wear things, put the hangers back the normal way. After a year, anything still hanging backwards must be attended to or discarded.

Step 2: Analyze what you’ve got and make categories i.e. simple fixes like hems and repairs, moderate alterations like adding a zipper to a sweater to make a cardigan or adding fabric to the bottom of a skirt so you don’t show your snatch, reinventions like turning a large button down into a cute shirred shirt or a top into a skirt, fabric resource for items that you don’t like but love the fabric of and can incorporate into other projects, and no way hose’s for those items that you don’t want to be reminded of… these make great rags or donation items.

Step 3: Pick a piece and get started! One garment here and there will keep idle hands distracted and before you know it you’ll have a refreshed wardrobe that costs next to nothing and in which you’ll have a great sense of pride and accomplishment! What more could you ask for?

Personally, I’ve made it through step 1 and 2, and am starting on Step 3, so stay tuned for before and after examples from my own wardrobe! And please share your refashioned items!

Happy sewing! ✄ Lael Alon


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