Feeling Corny: DIY hand painted mugs.

I scored a whole case of these wonderfully shaped blue and green mugs, and hand painted about half a dozen, each with their own unique imagery. That was fun, but then I stretched my creativity to question what I could paint on them that would really work with the existing colors, be fun to use, and sensibly decorative… these blue corn mugs are what evolved. Hand Painted Blue Corn Coffee or Tea Cups.

My mugs are available at my Etsy shop, but you can make your own hand painted mugs… it’s really not that hard. I have an ear for these things… (get it?) or an eye really. Any mug from a thrift, retailer, or right out of your cupboard that you like the shape of will make a great base. Plain mugs are easier to visualize a design on, but you can paint right over an existing embellishment if you want to update a freebie. Ceramic heat set paints are available at your local craft stores.

Decide on a look, and paint away (only paint on the outside of the mug). You can make it anything you want! For example, I’ve also turned these lovely mugs into Argyle Goes Mad and Grass is Greener mugs. Anything can serve as inspiration.

Follow the instructions on the paint bottle as to how to fix the paint. For the paint I use, it’s a simple process of waiting for the paint to air dry, setting in a cool oven and turning the heat to 350°F. Once the oven reaches temp, bake for 30 mn. and then turn the oven off and let the mugs cool to room temperature slowly in the oven. Once cool, remove and viola, brand new microwave and top rack dishwasher safe additions to your table service! It’s also a great way to personalize a work mug, or make as thoughtful gifts for people.

Happy painting everyone! ♡Lael

Here’s a mug I did from long, long ago that I just found, thought I’d throw it in for good measure:



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