I may eat with my fingers but I use awesome napkins!

Eating at the table can be civil with out being demure! No matter how you eat, the napkin really dresses up any meal from a family dinner to a romantic picnic. They’re also really wonderful for taking to “the office” with your pack lunch. Eat sustainably in style! And best of all, it can be your style if you do it yourself.

You can start from raw fabric, or upgrade a vintage set like I did with these Hand stamped upcycled Vintage dinner napkins. I found four perfectly plain napkins at a thrift store, brought them home, cracked open my inks, and got to stamping with my “In Flight” hand carved linoleum block stamps.

Octopus Lunch Napkins under crazy and confusing vintage glass dishes.

You don’t have to get that fancy though… there are probably a million ways to make your own lovely table apparel. A few ideas off the top of my head include stamping with found objects, hand painting, embroidering, appliqué, dying, batik (great way to use old candles), bleaching, and you get the idea. When you do get to putting images or visual texture to the napkins, don’t forget to think about how the napkin will fold. I like to make a sketch on a piece of paper and make mental note of which panels of the napkin will show up after different folds, so I can be sure to put pretty printing there. The most important thing is that you have a little fun doing it so that you smile every time you use them.


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