Regarding: Thoughts of a Southern Belle: Gomi Construction

Almost a month ago today my Etsy shop feature in a lovely blog interview article  “Thoughts of a Southern Belle: Gomi Construction” hit the presses, so to speak. The whole process really opened my eyes: from answering the interview questions to taking a hard look at what my little shop sells. Taking the time to write out what inspires me provided a clearer understanding of what I really want to do.

Taking up the torch to put my best foot forward, after doing a little dance to figure out which one I favor, I launched into revamping my mission, brand, appearance, etc. Hence the new logo, banners, avatars, and not ‘leastly’, this blog. I realized that I needed to focus and unify, but I also must honor my various passions and talents.

As I go along putting my creative spark, handy work, and two cents out there to you all, I really hope to entertain, inform, and inspire you all. I’d always love to hear your thoughts and encouragements back… it’s nice to know you’re out there!

So my thanks to a Southern Belle for the opportunity, eye opening, and example!



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