DIY Self Mailing Cards: Send some love and save a tree

Recently I ran out of envelopes to stock my booth with new note cards (cozy A4 size). I could have gone back to my supplier for recycled paper envelopes, but then it occurred to me that I could save money and trees and time and driving and gas, and all kinds of stuff if I did away with the envelope all together!

As the holiday card-giving season approaches, and you get down to the wire to send those last holiday cards… you might not have enough envelopes. You can give yourself and our oxygen producing friends a break! Take a breath and make your own self mailers… you have several alternatives.

1. Update envelope-less cards into self mailers by gluing paper to the back of the card, leaving an extra flap which you can either tape or glue in-front or behind the main image of the card to close it.

2. Make your own out of any paper stock (glue several sheets together if it’s flimsy paper), and embellish to your liking. The basic template for any self mailer is just like a regular card, but with an extra flap on the right edge or bottom, depending on orientation.

3. Use my free template: I put together a simple pdf template for your basic 5″x7″ self mailing greeting card and a 4.5″ x 5″ note card turned self mailer with bonus three gift tag templates as a paper saver. Waste not, and all that!

You can download the pdf templates by following this link: Gomi Construction DIY Self Mailing Cards. I offer this free of charge, and appreciate any support, sharing, liking, shopping with me, or following that you can do to help my continuing success!

4. You could also always contact me… I can make anything you want self mailing! I have done this several times for wedding RSVPs. Here are some links to my self mailing designs currently available on my Etsy Shop:

Caged Heart Hand Made Post Card Note Card

FU Good Fortune and Happiness Hand Made Post 

Truth Crow Hand Made Post Card Note Card 

Albert Einstein Bicycle Quote Handmade Post

Curious Cat and Albert Einstein Quote 

Get to sending those love notes!  ♡ Lael.


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