Embroidery Organization: I’m no Martha Stewart

I like the idea of having everything in my life organized. I really do. But as an upcycler who refuses to let any item go to waste, and sees every material as precious, It’s hard to merge all the items together. Things come to me in various states and forms, and I have trouble keeping track of it all. That makes doing a project all the more difficult.

My embroidery thread collection makes a perfect example. I have scored bundles of brightly colored thread from many sources. Some came nicely packaged as from the factory, but much entered my life as a tangled mess. It didn’t help that I stored it all in a big gallon ziplock bag. While visible, the knotted mass inside did not invite me to get to crafting. Solution time.

I had a lovely cigar box to put them all in, but not in a wad. To store the threads nicely, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, embroidery storage cards work well, by design. But I didn’t want to buy new stuff… that’s not what I do, so here’s my solution, paint chips turned into embroidery storage cards.

My collection of paint chips made the best base, which I cut into approximately 2″ squares. I’m no Martha Stewart, so mine didn’t have to be perfect. A craft punch served perfectly to create the indented portion of the card, and scissors to snip angled slits to snag the ends of the thread on. Pretty much any shape punch will do. I used a talk bubble punch because I liked the rounded rectangle. You can use any card stock material, paint chips are just easy and readily available. Now get to making your own rainbow.



2 thoughts on “Embroidery Organization: I’m no Martha Stewart

    • Thank you so much! I was inspired by the piece you made hanging in your bathroom: bird sewing lizard (or whatever you titled it). I appreciate the encouragement and feedback!
      ♡ Lael

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