Turn a Smoking Habit into a Sewing Habit

Big ashtrays are easy to find alternate uses for because they hold and display items effortlessly, but small ashtrays are a little more confusing to repurpose. I found an adorable pair of ashtrays shaped like die, but what to do with them? My simple solution to find an attractive everyday use for the ashtrays, or small dishes… pincushions!

For the die, I sewed little cubes from scraps of  fabric I always search for ways to use, and stuffed them. After glueing them to the tops of the ashtrays, I had a pair of lovely pin cushions. I’ve already managed to rehome one of the dice, but the other awaits it’s forever home.

Any little jar or vase can become an adorable pincushion. Let your imagination run wild, or visit my shop to rehome one of my upcycled creations!

Happy pinning! ♡ Lael


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