Circle Books: It’s a toy, it’s a book, no! It’s an activity!

I learned how to make these fun accordion books in college.. There’s so many things to love about them; they’re sculptural, every page is a pop out, it’s a book slinky toy, you can make ’em any size, you can’t stop playing with them, they curl up and can hang like ornaments. I’d love to make and sell them, but there’s that ever present price point issue. So instead, I put my graphic degree to work making an attractive and easy to use e-book tutorial on how to make your very own circle book(s) with templates and folding guide included.

Make a great family project or cause to gather by making your own circle books… Ideas include but are certainly not limited to:

Alphabet Books

Art Books

Photo Memory Book

Wedding Party Favors

Holiday Memories/Ornament

Host(ess) Thank You Gift

Get your own Circle Book DIY e-Book Tutorial and start making circle books today!


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