Rebar and Reclaimed Flooring Shelves

I’ll tell you right up front, I didn’t make these shelves… my talented man did. I take great pride in him/them though! I did help find and get some of the materials, and I took the photos (always my self-made job to maintain his portfolio because he never thinks to document his incredible body of work… an aspect of humility I imagine). Two of these shelving units were custom built for a client of his, and came out superb, if I do say so myself.

He built a jig for the metal ladders on which the shelves rest, welded them together, and attached three braces across the back. Plumbing fixtures became adjustable feet (which turned out as quite an ordeal to find enough of the correct sizes that go together at our rural hardware store). The whole metal frame got painted black to keep rust from getting on stuff in the house. He used the clients’ flooring remnants (of some exotic hardwood), pieced and glued them together, cut to size, and permanently affixed the top and bottom shelves with brackets for greater stability. All in all, a stunning example of upcycled furniture. I hope to have the space for some of my own one day! 🙂

Happy building!  ♡ Lael


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