Upcycled Faux Wrought Iron Headboard

0312131227My home, as many of  you may know, has qualified as “ramshackle” for the past two years, all the while we’ve lived in it. I know patience gets the better of me sometimes and I put ridiculous parameters on projects, expecting my life to change as quickly as I think of it. But that wasn’t the case this time, and my need to settle in and nest reached overdrive. There’s only one room of the house that has sheetrock, so that’s the room where I decided to do a little decorating.

0312131228 0312131228a 0312131229

This single shutter need a purpose, and I needed a headboard. I really wanted an old wrought iron bed, because I love how they look, even if they make more for me to clean. So, my now obvious solution was to paint a wrought iron headboard onto my reclaimed shutter, to mount it above my bed, and revel in my self satisfaction. I love how quirky it came out… what do you think? Have you done anything like this? What is your headboard like?


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