Preserving Passion : The art of knowing when to stop

preserving-passionFor a few years now I have researched everything I can about sustainable living and the arts of home economics, and let me tell you, it is truly an art form to balance all these skills and schedules! I’ve slowly practiced skills, and as soon as the new kitchen goes in, I plan to learn to can foods! (hopefully some that I’ve grown myself). As I understand it though, canning can become addictive, and one can easily get carried away. So I did this doodle thinking about canning gone too far!

What have you canned? Do you think it’s worth it? Do you consider it an art form?

But it did get me thinking further. Ultimately, the art of any activity, whether canning or crafting, is about knowing when to stop. Just don’t ever stop preserving your passion!  ♥ Lael


4 thoughts on “Preserving Passion : The art of knowing when to stop

  1. This is wonderful! Both the sketches of what’s canned (beyond food) and the admonition to never “stop preserving your passion.”

    Love, Dad

  2. I have not done preserves or canning myself, not being much of a domestic type person, however ‘yes’ I do consider it an art form and I enjoy receiving gifts of jam and pickles from others like you who preserve their passion!

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