Partner Auction with Tophatter

GREAT NEWS! Tophatter and GomiConstruction are teaming up for a Partner Auction!

At Tophatter’s behest, we’ll run an exclusive auction dedicated to our digital download products. I’ll be there live at the auction to chat directly with attendees. That could be you!

TophatterAuctionPress2If you aren’t familiar with Tophatter, it’s a online live auction site with virtual auction rooms. Go by before hand and look around. You must have a Tophatter account to attend the auction, but it’s totally free! And you get to customize your own avatar for the auction room. How fun is that.

So put the auction on your calendar [ July 12, 9am PT, 12p ET ] to lend me your support… and bid if the spirit takes you! It really gets exciting! I’ll have 40 unique lots available for auction. Preview of the items begins 3 days in advance of the auction. Hope to see you there! Gomi Construction Partner Auction.

Lots will include designer clip art, digital stationary, printable note cards,  Tutorials on making books and jewelry, Inspirational Art Prints, and Pattern Paper Packs.



One thought on “Partner Auction with Tophatter

  1. How delightful! When we talk, you have to tell me more about this and how it fits in with everything else you’re doing. Love, Dad

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