The Raggedy Pooh Genie: Stuffed Animal ReConstruction

Raggedy Genie Pooh Stuffed animalAs a baby I endlessly cuddled a Winnie the Pooh stuffed bear bigger than I (at the time). It traveled with us to Japan, and got lost somewhere along the way. Later as a young adult, my nostalgia for my Pooh led my mother to get me a small Pooh in Memorium.

In anticipation of my birth, my, then 10 year old, sister saved up all her money to buy me booties and a cap. Later, she continued to show her affection by making me a Raggedy Ann doll. I carried it around with me, even as stains appeared, and fabric wore thin, I treasured every last stitch embroidered with love.

Raggedy Genie Pooh Stuffed animalNow, while I often suggest taking photos of items that hold memories, and keeping the photos instead of the stuff because stuff just takes up space both literally and figuratively, I went a different way this time…

Pooh was small and new, Raggedy Ann was big, even by adult standards, and worn out. I decided to merge them, after much time and consideration, and built up courage. Raggedy Genie Pooh Stuffed animal birth certificateI finally brought myself to make the first cuts into my sisters lovingly made work, and felt a little sick. There was no going back and I aimed to honor both my mother and my sister though this project!

So Raggedy Ann’s face and hair went onto Pooh, and her legs became his pants, and his shirt became a vest, because I always think of Mom in a vest, and Ann’s feet became Pooh’s booties, because it reminds me extra of my sister. and I gave him suspenders, just cuz. Now, when I need to, I squeeze my new Raggedy Genie Pooh, because my wishes come true to feel loved when I do!


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