Auction Tomorrow! Don’t miss out on the bidding fun!

TophatterAuctionPress3Really want to see you out at my first auction, and kind of debut of my digital art packs, which are the next evolution of my freelance design at Lael Alon Design Studio… I cherish all the support I can get! Even if you just want to come and talk me up to the other 74 RSVP’d guests and others who might stop by… I won’t complain!

It’s online wherever you are at 9am PST/ 12pm EST at the Gomi Construction Partner Auction on Tophatter.

Get there early to sign up for your free account and make your avatar so you can enter the auction room! I’ll be there an hour before-hand to chat and answer questions about the 40 unique lots available, all starting at $1! 

As a special thanks just for showing up, everyone will get a discount code for 25% off anything in my Gomi Construction Etsy Shop till the end of July. You’ll have to be there during the auction to get the code! 🙂




One thought on “Auction Tomorrow! Don’t miss out on the bidding fun!

  1. Hi Lael, I signed up on Tuesday or Wednesday but couldn’t figure out how to create an avatar. So if you can give me a quick lesson between now and tomorrow, that’s great. If not, I’ll just appear as one of the regular folks who don’t have an avatar. Besides, whether i’m there with or without an avatar, I have no idea how this works and couldn’t figure it out when I registered. Any help would be appreciated. Love, Dad

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