Gomi Construction, a branch of Lael Alon Design Studio : Graphic Art & Illustration, was established to bring hand crafted, and often up-cycled and/or eco-friendly products and tutorials for your home or  your own crafting inspiration and pleasure!

A Place for Everything… and everything gets a place:

The inspiration for Gomi Construction started at a very early age when my parents taught English in Japan where neighborhoods have Gomi Piles: locations for unwanted items. Though it was generally considered classless to resurrect items from the pile, my parents couldn’t resist furnishing home from the incredible finds. I often spent my time gathering the rescued Gomi items from around the house and lining them up in collections that made categorical sense. (If you don’t believe me, just ask my parents!) To this day, it’s how I remodel my home, create fine art, and decorate. I hate neglect, and have a bit of the Velveteen Rabbit Complex where I want everything to have lasting purpose and appreciation. ♥ Lael Alon

Gomi Construction seeks to follow in that theme on a journey towards creating a totally sustainable and environmentally responsible home and studio. I really hope my shop reflects that! Everything made is an effort to bring new life to otherwise discarded items… even the organic fabric (which i salvaged the materials from a local manufacturer), I try to save and use every scrap!

Things about Lael Alon people seem to find interesting: 

I was born at home in WA, moved with family at 2 to Japan (no choice about that, but it’s cool never the less) where we lived and traveled Asia until I was 6 and we returned to the states. Spent a year abroad in Israel during sophomore year of high school, and, after nerd-ing the rest of the way through high-school, I proceeded to earn a BFA in Communication Design from the College of Visual Arts, graduating 2002. That, in turn, became Lael Alon Design Studio, a freelance graphics operation. (laelalon.com) After working with a bunch of neato people, I began applying my graphic sensibilities to items I had lying around, which led me to beginning my own product line, Gomi Construction.  Lael Alon

| GomiConstruction.wordpress.com | facebook.com/GomiConstruction | GomiConstruction.etsy.com | LaelAlon.wordpress.com |


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